Make your legacy systems history

It's a fact that the majority of organisations that have been in existence for even a relatively short time have one or two key systems that their core business relies upon.  What we often see however is that as their business model moves on there is a growing need to upgrade or change these 'legacy systems'.  The problem is that not only is it a potentially expensive exercise there are inherent business and technical risks, not least of these is the business change that accompanies such a transition.  The landscape is littered with failed attempts of such changes and, not surprisingly the bigger the organisation the harder it becomes too!

At Mosaic Island not only have we seen this dilemma in many organisations but we have been successful in constructing the right technical and business strategy for our clients and, perhaps more importantly, have executed that strategy.

Do you recognise this problem set within your organisation?   Why not contact us to learn how we might be able to help - we might just be able to make your legacy systems a thing of the past.