About us

We are experts in Design and Assurance of complex IT change - from strategy through to delivery - enabling our clients to accelerate and exceed their business ambitions with confidence.

Whether it be the definition of strategic direction, business/technical problem solving, solution design, assuring your transformation delivery or simply helping to unravel the mysteries of the new technology choices that are out there, our aim is to help solve our client's business problems with the right use of Information Technology in a way that best suits them.

We're practitioners not theorists and as such we understand the practical constraints of the environments that our clients work within. We're designers/architects but we don't demand design purity for its own sake - our aim is to provide outcomes that you can practically use and gain maximum value from in the shortest possible time.

Our Values

Everything we do at Mosaic Island is informed by a set of values. These values have been part of our business since we were founded, and they remind us of who we are and what is important to us.

  •   Integrity We are consistently honest, ethical and genuine. We respect the values and objectives of others.

  •   Pragmatism We meet our commitments sensibly, realistically and logically, valuing positive client outcomes over purity of architectural design.

  •   Trust We trust each other to follow through on our commitments and to do the right thing at all times. We prize ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationships.

  •   Simplicity We remove ambiguity and complexity by communicating simply and openly, and in a way that every one can understand.

  •   Fun We create a friendly and positive sense of community. We want everyone to enjoy working with us.

Our Philosophy

Since 2006, we have been engaged in a multitude of complex IT change initiatives. The challenges these have presented, the solutions we have designed and the experiences we have shared have all played a part in shaping our philosophy. We carry this philosophy with us into each and every client engagement.

Our unique design approach is built upon:

  •   The power of the Cloud The Cloud is a boundless ecosystem that empowers and supports businesses. It is fast, scalable, reactive – and it is here to stay.

  •   Embracing Agile delivery Agile is a proven approach that embraces user-involvement, empowered teams, day-to-day accountability and working software at all stages.

  •   Developing a business capability led organisation Winning IT strategies can only be created following a thorough audit of an organisation’s activities and needs. We take the time to monitor, analyse and assess.

  •   The world is digital We believe in an ‘always on’ approach that allows customers and staff to interact wherever, whenever and however they want. Let’s embrace the digital power in our hands.

  •   Making sense of data Harnessing an organisation’s data in the right way can transform customer interaction and will be the next big digital revolution.

  •   Harnessing Innovation Businesses flourish and endure when they embrace technology. We monitor the latest advancements and identify opportunities to apply them within enterprises.

  •   Time for change It is time for IT departments to focus on value-generating activities within an organisation; other tasks should be outsourced. Visionary leadership can drive this valuable change.