Diary Of A Consultant in Lockdown – Can We Continue Providing Our Services In These Extraordinary Times?


In my first role as manager, my boss recommended occasional working from home. Some reasons were obvious: Not being exhausted from getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the office Preserving a shred of sanity by not having to immerse yourself in the great-but-oh-so-crowded London Underground network…

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Self-Directing Teams Still Need Direction

Self-Directing Teams

In our white paper ‘The Business Model is Broken, What Now?’ we explored the importance of an ‘enabling’ IT Strategy.  Such a strategy underpins the changing shape of ‘connected’ digital businesses as they explore and exploit new Customer, Delivery and Leadership relationship models. A core feature of the transformed digital business…

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How To Measure Digital Maturity

Measuring Digital Maturity

In our 1st post in this series about the importance of understanding Digital Maturity we explored what ‘Digital’ means and what its high level implications are for organisations. In this post we will start to dig into what Digital Maturity is and what key parameters influence an organisation’s Digital Maturity. If you…

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The Digital Revolution

Digital World

There have been several revolutions in the world of business over the past century, each of which has had a profound effect on the way business works.  We can all see evidence of disruptive digital technologies around us.  But is this the next big revolution and what does it mean…

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Digital Maturity And Transformation

Digital maturity and Transformation

There are many articles/posts that have been written about Digital transformation. Often these feel as if they are trying to impart some secret sauce or recipe that will enable an organisation to succeed at Digital Transformation. However, these often miss a key point. Just as William Gibson said, “The future is…

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