Is True Wireless Charging Nearly A Reality?

Through our research into the Internet of Things arena, one of the areas that continues to cause a dilemma is the barrier of charging so many different gadgets and connected devices.

Who really wants to remember to constantly charge or change the batteries in all of their connected home devices, fitness trackers, smart phones and watches?

Induction charging solutions have been slow to reach the market, in part because they need to be built in to the device but also because you still need to place the device in a specific spot to charge, more convenient than plugging it in but maybe not much.

Energous with its WattUp wireless charging solution, which recently won some awards at CES 2015 seems to have an answer.

The claims are, devices such as smart phones can wirelessly recharge as longas they are within 15 feet of a charging transmitter with up to 4 devices within a 5-10 feet range able to be charged at the same rate as from a USB port on a computer.

It will be interesting to see if it is bought into by a major device manufacturer.