Mosaic Island – Future Net Zero Standard

Our company recognises the importance of making a full and lasting commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our activities, in support of the wider commitment of the world to limit global temperature increases and the impact on the planet.

We are pleased to say we have recently pledged our commitment to become Net Zero by 2050 and to reduce our company emissions by 50% by 2030.

We have recently undertaken a carbon footprint assessment for the year 2022, and this has been certified by Future Net Zero Standard. We now have a verified benchmark of our company carbon footprint, and have gained our benchmark certification.

As a result of the assessment, we are working with environmental projects to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have purchased official carbon credits with Rimba Rainforest in Indonesia to offset the company carbon footprint.

As part of our next steps, we will be looking at indirect emissions that occur in our company’s supply chain.