Over 3.5 million steps walked for the Team at Mosaic Island….

2021 started incredibly busy for us here at Mosaic Island, and whilst we are definitely not complaining, I started to notice our people spending longer at their desks and taking less breaks, so clearly this needed to change!

So, we decided to embark on a Team Step challenge – 5 teams with a simple goal, walk as many steps as possible in 30 days. The winning team would win a prize as well as the individual that walked the most steps! We all downloaded the “Stridekick” app where I set up the teams and away we were!

I don’t think any of us quite anticipated the competitive streaks we all had inside us, the constant, almost obsessive checking in on how many steps other teammates were on for the day! For some of us, it was even an excuse to invest in an Apple watch! But it was really great to have a challenge to focus on – one that forced us to take a break and get out for some fresh air – we motivated each other and talked about our long weekend walks, it was great to come together for a team event, particularly one that benefited our mental and physical wellbeing!

The distance covered over the 30 days was phenomenal – over 3.5 million steps in total!

Our Director of Delivery, Jeremy Brown was crowned the winner of the most individual steps with a whopping (just over) 400,000 steps – absolutely incredible!

We ended up with two winning teams, one with an average step count (for those that entered) of 287,702 steps and one with the greatest number of steps at 1,019,396! Safe to say prizes were enjoyed by all – a nice little surprise for February, & a chance to consume calories lost throughout the challenge! 😉

The challenge made us all realise how important it is to move, as much as possible; particularly as most of us are sitting at a desk at home. It’s easy to be “too busy” – but we all know the risks involved with being sedentary, even just for a few hours!

So, to all our employees, colleagues, suppliers and LinkedIn connections, for both our mental and physical health, please KEEP MOVING! 🙂