Preparing for IR35…. it’s BAU for us!

As we are all still trying to cope amongst the disruption of Covid-19, the uncertainty of Brexit, many businesses are also facing the dreaded IR35 changes in the private sector…but for Mosaic Island, it’s pretty much BAU and with a positive January already underway, we’re pleased we did most of the leg work, refining our compliance processes back in 2019 to avoid any cliff edge disruption towards the end of March 2021.

Thankfully, due to our business model, our Managed Service offering has been confirmed by Qdos as a genuine contracted out service, which means we are the End Client and will be responsible for determining the status of Personal Service Company (“PSC”) contractors supplied for IR35 purposes.

We are confident that all PSC’s working under one of our Managed Service or Consulting engagements will be determined as being “outside IR35” due to the working arrangements of our Managed Services we have in place with our range of blue-chip clients.

We will be partnering with Qdos Contractor to provide an excellent IR35 Status Assessment Process, which manages the entire process from status assessment to process consultation so we can confidently and compliantly maintain our PSC contractors outside IR35. All PSC’s engaged with us will need to go through this IR35 Assessment Process, and upon a successful ‘Outside IR35’ result, this solution can then be covered by Qdos’s Tax Liability Insurance; meaning the entire supply chain is protected against the potentially crippling costs of an IR35 enquiry. Peace of mind for all parties in the supply chain!

We have taken quite a ‘belt and braces’ approach however we believe being proactive now, means we can continue working with the best Independent Consultants on the market, and prevent disruption to our projects whilst maintaining a compliant workforce.

We are always on the lookout for the best Consultants to engage with on our range of exciting client engagements, so if you are looking for a Managed Service or Consulting project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our fabulous team who would be keen to assist.