Self-Directing Teams Still Need Direction

Self-Directing Teams

In our white paper ‘The Business Model is Broken, What Now?’ we explored the importance of an ‘enabling’ IT Strategy.  Such a strategy underpins the changing shape of ‘connected’ digital businesses as they explore and exploit new Customer, Delivery and Leadership relationship models.

A core feature of the transformed digital business encompasses the connected delivery organisation whose sole purpose is to meet unfulfilled customer needs. Operating in aligned, self-directing teams or networks, they function best when underpinned by enabling leadership teams that focus on communicating problems to be solved, not handing out detailed tasks for completion.

Spotify tackle this aspect of the connected business model very succinctly in the following two videos. I recommend them for those who want a better understanding of one organisation’s battle to stay ahead of the competition and closer than ever to their customers. This is however only part of the story…

You can view the videos at the following links

Part 1

Part 2

and download our white paper on this topic from  ‘Our Insights’ section.