We’ve ditched fixed desks for flexible ones! – The new ‘normal’ for Mosaic Island…

I am sure we’re not the first business this year to ditch our fixed office space, but Covid-19 has certainly forced us all to change and re-evaluate how we do things – and we wanted to use the opportunity to do things better!

For us, the shift to home working wasn’t that much of an unusual one – the nature of what we do means we’re set up for this anyway; but we have decided to cut our fixed office footprint on the back of increased home working, be more flexible, more productive and focused whilst having a positive impact on our company’s environmental footprint!

Of course, the joy of remote working is quite simply being able to conduct your business from anywhere! We will be breaking things up with regular days at co-working spaces (across Bristol, Reading and London) or even the odd café – we do love our coffee!

For us, this new set-up allows us to tap into temporary additional space in distributed locations that reduces commuting for employees and also offers a much-improved home/work life balance for our people!

That said, I do not want to underestimate the importance of the office environment in our business and social lives and its role in maintaining a vibrant culture, fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation and creativity. So, for me, it’s vital that these things aren’t easily abandoned and by having the flexible working options allows us to make sure that this will not be the case.

So, you may have noticed our address has changed – though this is purely a virtual address only! – for registration purposes and so people can still send us mail if they want to! You’ll find us at our home offices, a hot desking space in the city or of course at one of our client’s sites (once we can return….!)

We believe this new set up is the way forward to a happier, healthier work life & we look forward to continuing our successful relationships with our Clients, Suppliers, Employees and colleagues as we delve into a prosperous 2021!