Workplace Wellbeing – Be Apart Together

Here at Mosaic Island, our people really are the core of our business!

Without dwelling too much, 2020 has been a trying year for us all, most people are mentally exhausted, worried, anxious for the future and missing the usual variation and interaction in our previous work schedules.

So now more than ever it is so important for organisations to check in on their employees, a simple “how are you today?” goes a long way!

Part of my role at Mosaic Island is to support looking after our people and we have been doing all we can to keep our employees happy, engaged and productive through the pandemic….

….I heard a phrase recently which resonated with me quite a lot, “We’re no longer working from home, it’s more like living at work!” – it’s easy to feel like you need to be available 24/7 simply because you are working from home and therefore, it feels more convenient to continue working rather than taking a break or a walk. We encourage our people as much as possible to take breaks, whenever they need to, whether they need to go for a walk before they start work, an hour into their day, or an hour before they finish, it is important that this new way of working does not lead to overworking, stress and ultimately burn-out!

But it’s not all doom and gloom for us, lockdown has brought us together in lots of ways, and has allowed our usually distributed teams, to feel closer and more connected; whether it’s through working closely together on internal company projects over the summer, sharing various DIY disaster stories on our mid-week coffee mornings, having puppy show & tell or laughing at how ridiculously difficult some of our Friday Quiz hours have been, there has been a definite shift in the closeness of the team – after all, can anyone remember a time in their lifetime where literally the whole world was going through something at the exact same time?

We have introduced an Employee Assistance Programme for all employees which provides access to support services including qualified, confidential guidance and counselling. At some point, we all may need help coping with stress, mental health or just simply want a chat! We want our people to know they have this support whenever they need it; after all, “whilst we’re in the same storm, not everyone is in the boat!”

Communication is key during these times, and so all of our people have regular team catch ups and meetings with their line managers, we also held an all-hands company communication session following our end of FY and even had cream tea hampers delivered to everyone as a thank you! Whilst we will miss our usual Christmas drinks this year, we still plan to have a fun and festive ‘Quizmas’ party with our team, even if we do miss out on the 2am dancing!

In short, employee success starts with wellbeing, without this you can’t have an engaged, productive and successful workforce. As the Covid crisis continues, what matters most to us is that our employees feel they can rely on us as a source of stability during a constantly shifting situation.

“It might be stormy now, but the rain doesn’t last forever”.