Connecting New Charter’s business and IT strategies

New Charter Group is a social landlord with 19,500 homes and turnover of £100 million and a workforce of around 850 people. The Group consists of New Charter Homes, based in the Greater Manchester area, Gedling Homes in Nottingham and Aksa Homes in Oldham.

New Charter commissioned Mosaic Island to audit how Information Technology was perceived across the organisation and how it serves the business.

Project Scope:

Following the report, New Charter determined that a "blank sheet of paper" approach should be used to construct an IT strategy for the next three years. In particular, it was important that Business Directorates and Units were ‘re-connected’ with IT so that the resulting IT Strategy was business oriented rather than solely technology focussed.


IT with business demands


Digital self-service through IT innovation


Targeted and strategic IT investment

M & A

Enabling business growth and diversification

Our Approach:

  • We conducted a comprehensive survey and analysis and presented a full report to the Executive Team. A number of themes were presented around organisation, governance, planning and architecture.
  • We developed a comprehensive Business to IT strategy, engaging all elements of the business, developing a Business Capability Model.
  • We provided a clear 3 year IT investment roadmap and vision.


  • Business and IT were aligned giving increased business confidence all round.
  • 'Digital' and 'Self Service' by default.
  • We helped New Charter build a 'customer centric business'

Mosaic Island developed an innovative Business to IT Strategy for us, engaging business every step of the way through the use of interactive consultancy-led workshops and a very structured and methodical approach. In the words of one of my colleagues: ‘business has never felt so connected to IT, we are all aligned’ and this gives us confidence to move forward with an IT strategy and a resulting IT roadmap expenditure that can support our increasing business growth and business diversification.

- Christine Amyes, Executive Director of People