Telecommunications Client: Planning for a Complex Acquisition

Telecommunications is a key sector within Mosaic Island's portfolio and one that continues to be a critical force for growth, innovation and disruption across multiple technology industries.

Our client wanted to substantially grow their UK business. Another telecoms giant, wanted to sell their UK operation as part of a European consolidation strategy. This acquisition would complement our client's own goals to: put the customer first; increase the capacity of their UK network; and help to make them the most popular mobile services provider in the UK by 2021. Both organistions agreed to start the acquisition process and began planning the changes needed to integrate their UK operations.

Project Scope:

Our client needed to quickly determine how to integrate, deliver and operate complex sets of technology, people and processes, during and after the acquisition. These plans needed to be robust, but provide flexibility throughout the transformation process.

An Architecture plan aligned with business objectives

Blueprints for six critical domains

Clear information for all business stakeholders

Scale and delivery estimates provided for the programme team

Our Approach:

  • Within 4 weeks, we set up a team of architecture experts with strong telecommunications experience.
  • They had the skills to design an integrated and efficient set of future telephony services.
  • Early activities included; mobilisation planning to review requirements and put the right skilled team together.
  • Embedding the Mosaic Island team members into our client's existing team to develop the right culture an working approaches.
  • Making recommendations for the right business and technology architecture to support our client's business for 2021 and beyond.


  • We delivered the 'Blueprints' describing a series of critical domains to drive a market-changing mobile telephony business for 2021.
  • Our client received documents which outlined the architecture they needed to successfully operate an increasingly integrated business environment over the next five years.
  • This view was aligned with their overall business strategy and showed the estimated scale and timings of the project.
  • It provided a comprehensive view of the architecture patterns and technology and was written in a clear way that could be understood by both business and technology stakeholders.