Telecommunications Client: Getting ready for new propositions - MVNO Evolution

Our client is a telecommunications company in the UK providing mobile and network services to consumers and business. As an MVNO (Mobile Voice Network Operator), they provide some of their services through networks owned by a third party.

In a highly competitive industry, our client wanted to offer a wider range of services and pricing and improve the customer experience. A large part of this would mean developing their bundled offering of broadband, mobile, telephone and TV services that gives customers a one-stop-shop for their main technology services.

Project Scope:

To do this, our client needed to transition from a ‘second brand’ MVNO model to a full MVNO model. This would mean setting up their own networks and reducing their use of third-party platforms. This would provide more control over the breadth, depth and pricing of the services they could offer to their customers. This transition would impact every area of the business, requiring re-organised systems, people and processes across Operations, Technology, Finance, Compliance and Marketing.

Improved customer experience and reduction in customer churn

Lower operational costs

More competitive and disruptive propositions

Aligned operations across the business

Our Approach:

  • Mosaic Island put together a team of experts who assessed the overall requirements and in under four months designed the detailed technology approach and initial project plan.
  • This included, a mobilisation phase to understand the requirements and put the right team of experts together.
  • This also included setting up five work streams to give our client the detailed plan they needed to transition from the thin to thick MVNO model.
  • We provided details of the first steps of the project plan, so our client could get things off to a good start, easily.


  • Our client received a clear plan of how to set up and manage their business technology for a transition from a second brand to full MVNO model.
  • With Mosaic Island's expert guidance, this meant their own teams could implement the plan immediately.
  • The new model, once implemented, is expected to deliver four main business benefits (shown above).