Children's Hospice Charlton Farm - an inspirational and touching visit for some of the Mosaic Island team.

Thu, 22/11/2018 - 16:41

On Monday, some of the team went along for a tour of our chosen charity. The Children's Hospice based at Charlton farm is nestled in the hillside of Wraxall in North Somerset and provides a secluded and beautiful setting in which families can take some time out and just enjoy spending time as a family.

Seeing the hospice in person really brought to life how our time supporting will make a huge difference. The team were able to see for themselves all the wonderful facilities they have there, not just for children but for their parents and siblings too. It was wonderful to hear about the history of the charity, how it all started and to hear some of the families they have helped. The tour concluded over a coffee and a slice of cake with a discussion on the different ways Mosaic Island will be helping to raise money to support the charity over the course of the year…