Design & Delivery Assurance

We often find that clients with large transformation programmes place the emphasis on their delivery partners to ensure delivery success. Whilst this is appropriate, there is still a need for Delivery Assurance to ensure they deliver to the design specification and that the broader benefits are achieved in line with the investment case. Life is rarely that straightforward and typical ‘bear traps’ that we see on such programmes include:

  • Multiple key senior stakeholders with different agendas
  • Challenging transformation of legacy & aged systems
  • Multiple delivery teams & suppliers often with technical bias
  • Different delivery approaches across teams
  • Cost versus functionality versus speed to deliver

This can lead to:

  • Strategic misalignment of expectations leading to delays in exploiting the opportunity and revenues
  • Extensive re-work and cost overruns
  • Delivery failure leading to a rescue/recovery being required
  • Reputation and brand damage

Utilising our proven framework, our Design and Delivery Assurance service is designed to provide independent and technology agnostic oversight and control of your transformation programmes. Being independent means we can arbitrate and mediate technology and design disputes between all engaged  parties. This encompasses the primary drivers of scope, requirements, designs and strategies together with the less tangible, but equally important aspects of capability, risk appetite and investment control.

Establishing a Design relationship with delivery partners we would facilitate regular design walk-throughs where we would manage the on-going monitoring of requirements traceability and alignment to design principles.  In addition, we are able to provide independent and accurate reporting and stakeholder management.




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