IT Strategy

An IT strategy is the overall plan that comprises the purpose, objectives, principles and tactics relating to how technologies, people and operations within a particular organisation will meet business aspirations.  As such it is a fundamental asset of any organisation, yet often the IT strategy is out-of-date or worse still, non-existent.

Our IT Strategy service comprises a structured methodology that is designed to work closely with all parts of your organisation to facilitate the production of an effective and practical multi-year IT strategy. 

We do this using our proven Demand-Control-Supply model.  This delivers a plan for the evolution of your applications and infrastructure that aligns to your business needs and objectives.  This in turn enables us to facilitate the definition of an appropriate technical operating model to allow you to execute the IT strategy with confidence.

Within this, we take a Business Capability led approach that enables us to focus on what business capabilities you need to deliver your strategy in a technology neutral way.  Once established we are then able to overlay existing and proposed technology solutions to simply and easily articulate how the technology estate should evolve to achieve the desired business outcomes. 




The sign of a great IT strategy is one that makes your business more efficient, more profitable and better at responding to change.

Stuart Findlow - Mosaic Island Consultant Architect