All too often we see organisations jumping from idea straight into delivery only to be surprised when the delivery project fails to meet expectations. Getting the basics right before embarking on the expense of delivery is common sense yet so often overlooked.

Our Solution Discovery service is a methodical approach to determine the right solution design and delivery approach that will meet your business needs. It is aimed at avoiding surprises through ensuring that the right foundations are established to allow all parties to understand the what and the how of solution delivery. This then arms the client with what they need to instruct with confidence, their chosen delivery partner. 

Using our proven ‘Discovery Framework’ we work closely with your people and take a systematic approach to understand, validate and define the solution that meets your needs. This approach includes the following key steps:

  • Establish a clear scope based upon your vision and objectives through interviews with key stakeholders
  • We then draw out the next level requirements – mapping them to the relevant Value Chains within your organisation
  • ​Determine the key capabilities of your organisation and how the need/solution fits within the bigger picture
  • Observe current operations where appropriate
  • Evaluate technical dependencies and integration points
  • Validate and review workshops(s) with key stakeholders
  • Analysis and determine solution, technology and delivery roadmap options
  • Determine the estimated delivery costs for each option
  • Initiate a solution prototype where appropriate to demonstrate capability and instil confidence 

The primary outputs of Solution Discovery include:

  • Scope & Objectives defined
  • Prioritised high-level requirements backlog
  • High Level Design (HLD)
  • Programme/Project Initiation Document (PID)
  • Business Benefits Plan

Armed with this information, clients are then able to move with confidence into the delivery phase.

Transformation Delivery

In addition to the Solution Discovery service our clients often ask us to take on the delivery of the defined transformation programme.  Led by our consultants and leveraging our Associate network we can quickly stand up a skilled and experienced team.  Using proven methodologies (e.g. Agile, Waterfall), tailored to your situation, we reduce the risks associated with the  delivery of strategically significant change programmes. This is particularly useful for clients who do not have the capacity or appropriate skills available.

You can use an eraser on the drawing board or a sledgehammer on the building site

Frank L Wright - Architect