Architecture Asset Management

A key challenge for any IT function is having easy access to the right information to enable rapid and quantified decision making in support of the design process. Often this critical information is either dispersed across different media types, in inconsistent formats and levels, in peoples heads or, non-existent. In this scenario the risk is that every new design activity starts with trying to understand what is already deployed – i.e. from square one.

Our Architecture Asset Management service facilitates the move away from a document-based architecture function to a model-based one.

We provide a fast-track way of moving to a proven, centralised and knowledge driven approach.

We provide organisations with a cloud-hosted service coupled with a remote desktop access that can deliver all or any one of the following Architecture Design Tools Stack.

  • Enterprise level management & scenario planning (e.g. Troux)
  • Current State management and design (e.g. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect)
  • Inventory Management (CMDB)

Our centralised management means that we take care of user and licence administration, product upgrades, fault and problem management, training and service reporting.

Architecture Asset Management

The benefits of this service are many and significant:

  • You are able to focus on the process of design – not the handicap of poor information
  • Cloud hosting and proven processes/templates enable a rapid setup and scalability
  • Current deployed systems state is understood and visible to the wider organisation
  • Knowledge is managed and retained
  • Previous design elements can be re-used with consistency, delivering a faster time to market
  • Improved vendor and financial management for IT budget and risk management
  • Faster onboarding of new team members
  • Clearer management information allowing faster decision making and impact analysis in response to market change

Establishing an Enterprise Repository

We believe that good design must be recorded and made readily available so that change can be governed and designs consumed by all relevant stakeholders.

Using proven architecture toolsets we work with organisations to establish and improve their architecture governance processes so they can better control and deliver change to their systems.

For example, we have implemented Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with our customers as an Enterprise Repository to document their architecture landscape and develop solutions designs to deliver the outcomes their businesses demand.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a powerful tool to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain your systems, software, processes and architectures. It offers capabilities to manage your landscape, enable collaboration with teams and build confidence within your most complex projects and operating eco-systems. eaDocX can be plugged in to Enterprise Architect to offer data extract and import capabilities with Word & Excel documents

Mosaic Island is a certified partner and a reseller, of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and eaDocx.