Architecture Maturity

Often we find that with the pressures of coping with business-as-usual activities, organisations are unable to see or make time to plan for how they can improve (or establish) their architecture capability.

Design for Success

An intensive ‘Design for Success’ workshop provides a structured opportunity to step back from operational pressures to assess and develop a plan for the future of your architecture governance and delivery.

  • Assessment of the maturity of your Architecture capability against our view of best-practice
  • Determine a pragmatic roadmap to achieve a new level of architecture maturity for your team

Hosted offsite or at our premises to remove your team from day-to-day distractions.

On completion of the workshop you will benefit from:

  • A clear plan for the evolution of your architecture capability
  • Your architects will have the tools & techniques they need to work effectively and efficiently
  • You can confidently position architecture as an enabler of change (rather than a blocker)
  • Material to more effectively ’sell’ the benefits of architecture to your people
  • Motivational for you and your team
  • Alignment of proven architecture techniques with your delivery lifecycle
  • Access to example key assets and templates that are proven to work well

Establishing Architecture

Once you have a plan, we are able to help create the relevant assets and processes to establish an effective Architecture governance function. We are able to share our tools, methods and templates that we have developed from many years of delivering architecture solutions.