Problem Mediation

Decision making pressures often increase in line with delivery demands and these regularly lead to conflict between teams and organisations, particularly where 3rd parties are used.

These are often driven by four key categories:

  • Personalities and politics
  • Technical choices and/or bias
  • Cost vs functionality vs speed-to-deliver trade-off
  • Commercial misunderstanding

Independent review and mediation can unlock the stalemate before expensive and lengthy legal options are pursued.

With our independent experience in all phases of high pressure delivery environments we:

  • Arbitrate and mediate technology and design disputes between all engaged parties.
  • Impartially assess projects and engagements in difficulty.
  • Provide independent technical specialists and generalist who will investigate and resolve complex issues among multiple parties, vendors and suppliers.
  • Provide delivery specialists who have experience of complex, multi-party change programmes, joint ventures and procurement activities.
  • Assess change requests for contractual alignment and fairness to all parties to allow delivery to move forward


Our key objective is to unlock the dispute and move your programme forward as quickly as possible, being completely transparent in our approach with you and the other involved parties.

Following our engagement, professionalism and behavior of engaged parties is usually seen to improve.