Vendor Selection - RFI/RFP

When it comes to the process of selecting technology partners, ensuring that you do so in a structured and methodical basis is of prime importance as, not only must the outcome be the right one (and there are many dimensions to being ‘right’), your organisation will also have to live with the outcome that it delivers – often for many years.

We have developed a structured Vendor Selection service through many years of working with organisations of all sizes, that we believe is unique and is:

  • Comprehensive yet lightweight,
  • Incisive yet fair and equitable,
  • Inclusive yet not burdensome.

It naturally follows the traditional RFI/RFP structure - but what makes our service different and compelling for our clients?

  • We take the end-to-end responsibility for the process whilst keeping you engaged, informed and in control.
  • It’s a proven and structured methodology, underpinned with templates and reporting models aimed at senior decision makers.
  • Our consultants who deliver the service are not only technology experts but are also highly business and commercially aware and are able to ‘get under the skin’ of the business needs.
  • We take a no-surprises approach to establish your requirements through an iterative and inclusive process with all relevant stakeholders. Our consultants are passionate about understanding your business and take time to analyse, challenge and validate your requirements.
  • During the RFI stage, we advise that we should not assume we know precisely what we want – the whole point of the RFI process is to extract from vendors what they can do in response to general problem statements.
  • We don’t just expect a written response from vendors – instead we invite them to facilitated, structured and challenging ‘Discovery Workshops’ where we are able to explore the problem set together. The purpose of this is to extract from vendors what they can do in response your needs.
  • Using Mood Sheets we capture emotive scoring to assess the more subjective feel for the vendor and their solution. Understanding how and if you can work with a vendor can be a deal clincher.
  • We provide clear and traceable scoring that incorporates highly visual traffic light reporting against subject groups and individual questions.
  • We of course, tailor our approach to fit each client’s specific needs.

Overall, our methodology is highly interactive, inclusive and provides the opportunity to obtain a rounded insight into vendor capabilities and the people behind them.