Architecture Managed Service

One of the perennial problems for any architecture function is keeping up with relentless flow of business change and the corresponding ebb and flow of project activity – maintaining architectural influence without being seen as slowing the process down.  Our Architecture Managed Service (AMS) is aimed at addressing this challenge by augmenting our clients architecture function with a flexible pool of appropriately skilled and experienced architecture resources, when they need them, and without the management overhead. 

With AMS we provide a Managing Architect who is able to take away the responsibility of as much or as little of the management tasks (scheduling work, on/off boarding, arranging peer reviews, issue management, performance monitoring and reporting etc.) as is appropriate - again, this is tailored to suit individual clients needs.   And, because we do this in close coordination with your team you stay in control and can be confident in the quality and compliance through our embedded service delivery support. 

As an Architecture based professional services organisation, the Architecture skillset is at the heart of what we do.  We are able to source and provide the specific roles required by the client from either within our permanent team or our Associate network.  This typically includes the traditional skills of Enterprise and Solutions architecture (outlined below) along with more specialist skills – for example Specialist Service Designers, Network (Telecoms) Architects.

As an organisation we can also bring best practice built up through years of experience to improve the design efficiency of the client organisation as well as ad-hoc external support when needed from our experienced management team.

Enterprise Architecture

In essence, we see that the purpose of our Enterprise Architects is to transform strategic business goals into achievable change roadmaps that seek to increase business pace whilst minimising technical complexity (and cost).  Having a strong empathy with key stakeholders within the business community and underpinned by the business strategy, our Enterprise Architects take a business-wide view of the evolution of your architecture to meet your business goals.  We do this by establishing a set of key architecture assets which can include:

  • An agreed set of guiding principles
  • Acceptable Design Patterns
  • Business Capability Model and associated overlays
  • High-Level Current and Target State views
  • Roadmaps - where you are heading, how you will get there, by when and how much it will cost

Where appropriate the resulting design artefacts are baked into your corporate delivery governance model to ensure that change projects are steered towards the strategic target.

Solution Architecture

Our Solution Architects are usually generalists that have a specialism in one or more areas.  We have access to a vast array of trusted Solution Architects and this enables us to  cover the full spectrum of domains, including CRM, Channels, Billing, ERP, Business Intelligence etc. along with more niche areas such as Security, Identity & Access Management, Data Loss Prevention etc.  This means that our clients can be confident that we are able to find virtually any SA skill set they need.

We are one of the industry's best kept secrets. We have been providing Enterprise & Solution Architecture services to some of the UK’s most successful high-tech companies since 2006. This has enabled them to grow quickly and safely while keeping technical complexity in check.

Jeremy Brown - Director of Delivery