Digital Transformation Consulting

Our digital transformation consultants will lead your business through your digital journey. We will help you bring your business, people and technology together.

What is Digital Transformation?

Everybody’s talking about Digital Transformation these days.

Whether it’s upstart digital competitors muscling in on your patch, changing buyer habits or Covid-19, Digital Transformation is right up there at the top of every C-Level Executive’s To Do list.

But what exactly is Digital Transformation? What does it actually mean?

We like Greg Verdino’s definition: “Digital transformation closes the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses actually deliver.”

That’s it in a nutshell - it’s about closing that gap between the expectations of savvy, sophisticated buyers and your ability to deliver the ‘traditional’ products or services they actually want.

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Digital Transformation

The Importance of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is accelerating the rate of change.

A study by McKinsey showed that in 1958 the average age of a company on the S&P 500 was 61 years.

That’s down to 18 years by 2020 & they estimate that by 2027 some 75% of companies currently listed will have disappeared.

Whether via merger, bankruptcies or increasingly due to an inability to react to the new Digital realities this failure to evolve and adapt to the new Digital reality is becoming a matter of life or death for many businesses.

But Digital is not just about Enterprise level businesses - it affects businesses of all sizes in all sectors. No one is immune.


Getting Started with Digital Transformation

So where’s the starting point?

First & foremost Senior Decision Makers need to honestly answer the following questions:

  • Are you using analytics to gain insight into client behaviour?
  • Does your technology allow you to capture user need and offer personalisation of the customer experience?
  • Are you as an organization comfortable with experimentation and learning?
  • Are you using Automation to optimise personal impact?
  • Are you a ‘Collaborative’ organisation where technology is used to span the organisational boundaries that can exist between teams and avoid organisational siloes?
  • Does your technology allow for timely, accurate data and information to support smarter, informed decision making amongst colleagues?
  • Does your technology provide the data and information that your clients want via self-service when they want it, how they want it and in the format they want it?
Digital Transformation

How We Help You Create a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy

If you are ready to embark on your Digital Transformation journey or you need help to re-start previous initiatives, Mosaic Island has the range and depth of experience to help you to define the right Digital Transformation plan for your business and your situation.

Working closely with all key Stakeholders in your organisation we apply our proven ‘Discovery Framework’ to really understand, validate and define the solution that meets your needs. This approach includes the following key steps:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to identify a clear and unambiguous scope based on your vision and objectives to achieve organizational wide buy in
  • Develop the next level requirements and map them to the relevant Value Chains within your organisation
  • Understand the key capabilities of your organisation and the role they will play in creating and maintaining the Transformation programme
  • Observe and understand your current operations
  • Evaluate technical dependencies and integration points
  • Validation and review process via workshops(s) with key stakeholders
  • Analyse and determine the optimum solution, technology and delivery roadmap scenarios
  • Calculate the estimated delivery costs for each option
  • Where appropriate create a solution prototype to demonstrate capability and instil confidence
Digital Transformation Planning

Outputs from Digital Transformation Planning

At the end of the Solution Discovery you will have a plan that will allow you to proceed with confidence to the implementation phase. This plan contains:

Scope & Objectives defined

Prioritised high-level requirements backlog

High Level Design (HLD)

Programme/Project Initiation Document (PID)

Business Benefits Plan

Implementing Your Digital Strategy

Following the Solution Discovery phase we are able to help you implement your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Using our experienced Consultants and supported by our extensive Associate network we are quickly able to deploy a skilled and experienced team which is comfortable working on assignments both big and small.

Digital Transformation Implementation Methodologies

We understand that different organisations are more comfortable with some approaches over others.

Our Consultants and Associates are well versed in a wide range of proven methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, etc.. We will tailor a specific solution to match your situation to reduce any ‘cultural’ risks associated with the delivery of strategically significant change programmes. This is particularly useful for clients who do not have the capacity or appropriate skills available.

Digital Transformation Consulting Examples



Annual Turnover:

£102 million


Established in 1957, Which? is a leading not-for-profit organisation providing independent advice and guidance on consumer products and services.

The Problem:

Which? Is one of the UK’s best established consumer choice organisations but was facing increased competition from newer rival comparison sites who offered a superior customer experience and customer service.


Mosaic Island was engaged to perform an end to end review to assess overall capability and set up a significant overhaul programme.

Our Approach:

Mosaic Island embarked on an 18 month business transformation programme which resulted in a creative design refresh, a major CMS upgrade, refactored presentation layer and a scalable delivery capability.


A complete creative design and usability refresh, together with new functionality and crucially a redesign and upgrade of the supporting architecture. Significant improvement in customer experience. Improved customer authentication. Reduction in offline queries and resultant service stability

Customer Feedback:

“I am delighted with what they have achieved for us and have no hesitation recommending them as a consulting and delivery partner. Indeed, the Mosaic Island team is now working with us on our next major programme of change.” Chris Gardner, Commercial Director

See the full Which? Digital Transformation Case Study here.


Media Client (Video on Demand)


Our client is a broadcaster offering video on demand services

The Problem:

Our client had developed a strategic plan based on aggressively growing their global subscriber base but was hamstrung by an outdated applications platform that was not designed to cope with current, let alone future demand.


The delivery of a new suite of feature-rich OTT/Video on Demand product and service management capabilities.

Our Approach:

Mosaic Island embarked on a complete redesign of the end-to-end editorial and video asset management business process. This was performed by senior members of our Consulting team working alongside the client’s team where we led the delivery of a number of activities including; Design Governance, Current State Analysis, High Level Design, Technical Analysis, Delivery Assurance and Project Management.


We delivered a platform to support in excess of 1 million concurrent customers which is designed to support 99.999% platform availability based on new, scalable, cloud based platform technologies. Other outcomes included faster paths to production for engineering teams through the adoption of Agile delivery approaches.