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Insurance Participant and Regulator: Establishing Architecture & Design Governance

Insurance and Finance

Mosaic Island (MI) was introduced to a prominent insurance marketplace provider by the CIO, with whom we had previously collaborated at another client. This introduction led us to participate in a rigorous strategic partner selection process, during which MI was chosen as the architecture and design partner for their substantial digital transformation initiative, valued at £300 million.

Tasked with establishing a “greenfield site,” MI was entrusted to provide crucial architecture and design support, collaborating closely with our client and other esteemed partners, including Deloitte and McKinsey.

Following this initial engagement, two additional significant projects followed. Firstly, MI conducted a comprehensive end-to-end review of the architecture for a solution aimed at managing members’ funds. Secondly, we undertook an in-depth examination of the architecture of a subsidiary corporation established in response to Brexit, ensuring the uninterrupted underwriting operations across Europe. These endeavors underscored MI’s commitment to delivering impactful solutions in complex and evolving business landscapes.


As part of our involvement in a significant digital transformation program, we were tasked with establishing a design authority to ensure architecture governance throughout the program. This encompassed overseeing all relevant artifacts and crucial design processes in collaboration with our client and other key partners. To meet this challenge, Mosaic Island (MI) introduced four seasoned enterprise architects to foster collaboration and adopt a holistic problem-solving approach.

In our support of the member funds management platform design review, MI played a pivotal role in clarifying the precise problem the team aimed to address. Additionally, we identified implementation challenges within the existing design and, in response, crafted a high-level design that seamlessly integrated new technology with legacy systems. We continued to provide support throughout the platform’s journey to production, ensuring its successful delivery.

The review of the subsidiary’s architecture stemmed from deficiencies in regulatory reporting. Initially perceived as a data issue, it led to the proposal of a new data lake solution. However, upon careful analysis by MI, it was revealed that the root cause lay in misplaced business logic. This misalignment manifested as a data problem but ultimately necessitated a different design solution from the one originally conceived. MI’s expert analysis and innovative problem-solving approach brought clarity and effective solutions to these complex challenges.


We initiated and led the Design Governance Forum, collaborating with enterprise architects as part of our Architecture Managed Service solution. This collaborative effort, led by our Chief Architect, fostered a harmonious and effective synergy within the program delivery teams.

As the design forums progressed, it became evident that additional support was required in the realms of data architecture, business analysis, and guidance for a specific stream within the broader digital program. To address these needs, a seasoned senior consultant from MI was embedded to establish governance structures and implement effective work methodologies, ensuring the program’s ultimate success. This consultant harnessed diverse expertise, bringing together professionals in business analysis, project management, architecture, and data analysis to bolster program delivery.

Regarding the subsidiary, MI diligently crafted a compelling business case for the initial phase of the roadmap, which centered on implementing a data lake solution in alignment with the revised architecture. Our recommendations extended beyond technology; we provided guidance on the necessary organisational changes to align the subsidiary with the overarching operating strategy of the parent company. MI’s comprehensive approach helped navigate complex challenges and steer the program towards success.


Mosaic Island cultivated a robust and trusted partnership with the Chief Architect, thanks to our proficient and experienced team’s unwavering support of the architecture governance practice. This collaboration bore fruit as we delivered a comprehensive suite of assets, including IT principles, design patterns, a capability model aligned with the new company vision, target functional architecture, roadmaps, and design blueprints spanning the core program workstreams.

Our guidance and unwavering support during the member funds platform program paved the way for a highly successful MVP launch. Building upon the strong foundation of established working methodologies, the subsequent phases of product development are well underway, ensuring a continued path to success.

In our work for the subsidiary, we introduced thought leadership and meticulous due diligence to the data lake solution. Leveraging patterns derived from our digital transformation program, we incorporated governance processes, best practices, and data ingestion patterns, resulting in a more harmonious relationship with regulators. This enhanced rapport now enables the regulator to receive the necessary reporting they require.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion, as we continue to provide unwavering support to the business through our Architecture Managed Services offering.

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