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Simplifying Complex Transformation Roadmap for Leading Insurance Specialist

Insurance and Finance

A specialist insurer focusing on marine, aerospace, and contractor indemnity insurance made a strategic decision to establish a robust architecture best practice organisation, concurrently with a broader overhaul of their operating model. To support this transformation and ensure streamlined solutions architecture delivery, they opted for an Architecture Managed Service. This visionary approach was underpinned by the CIO’s recognition of the profound value of architecture, stemming from a prior successful collaboration at a different client.

The insurer faced a complex and fragmented architectural landscape, largely stemming from extensive mergers and acquisitions. This complexity had resulted in growing frustration within the organisation due to the sluggish pace of change. Recognising the pressing need to regain control over the global end-to-end architecture, the parent company embarked on a mission. The CIO’s goal was to rebuild trust with the business by fortifying IT and architecture capabilities, with Mosaic Island (MI) serving as a catalytic force to propel this transformation.


Mosaic Island’s accomplished consulting team received a vital mandate: to conduct an in-depth architecture maturity assessment. This endeavor aimed to gain comprehensive insights into the client’s existing design asset definition, governance structures, and processes. The ultimate goal was to provide actionable recommendations on how to elevate and mature their architecture practice, aligning it effectively within the broader operating model.

Simultaneously, the client recognised the immediate need for Architecture Managed Services (AMS). These services were crucial for addressing the day-to-day demands of project execution, ensuring a constant supply of specialised resources across the architecture domain. This holistic approach aimed to not only assess and enhance the client’s architecture practice but also provide the ongoing support needed to excel in a dynamic business landscape.


Mosaic Island (MI) initiated this transformative journey by meticulously documenting the existing architecture, concurrently crafting an operational model poised to facilitate the impending changes.

Our accomplished consulting team engaged closely with key stakeholders, collaboratively constructing a comprehensive target architecture view. This included roadmaps and design principles harmoniously aligned with the organisation’s overarching shift from a project-centric to a product-centric structure.

Simultaneously, we set up an Architecture Managed Service (AMS) to ensure seamless integration of the defined processes into the organisation’s fabric. The AMS team diligently embraced the recommendations from our consulting work, translating high-level concepts into daily operational practices.

Furthermore, MI provided invaluable support by appointing an interim Chief Architect and orchestrating governance processes. This cohesive approach ensured consistent thinking and provided strategic direction across all design decisions.

Beyond these pivotal roles, MI championed the cause of architecture within the organisation, effectively conveying its value to senior stakeholders, including the CFO. We offered assurance that IT possessed a long-term strategy and the requisite capability to execute it successfully.


Our client is actively progressing on the path toward product-centric architecture, aligning with the previously provided recommendations. They have achieved a significant milestone by seamlessly incorporating the enterprise and solutions architecture functions as integral components of their business.

Notably, the CIO and the entire IT function have solidified their position as key contributors at the strategic decision-making table within the organisation. This marks a pivotal shift, where IT now plays a central and influential role in shaping the company’s future direction and success.

Annual Revenue or Income
Number of employees
Operational Geographies
Length of Engagement
2 years
Key Stakeholder
Chief Architect
Business Functional Areas
  • Change Management
  • Claims
  • Corporate Governance & Risk Management
  • Data & Analytics Management
  • Enterprise Support Services
  • Party (*Broker) Contact Management
  • Policy/Bond Management
  • Reinsurance
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Risk Underwriting (Trade Credit specific)
  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Technology Management
  • Treasury
Number of MI People
AMS: 13
Consulting Team: 2