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National Health Board’s Key Provider for Managed Architecture Services

Healthcare Services

Mosaic Island (MI) achieved a significant milestone by securing a competitive tender to deliver Managed Architecture Services for a division of the National Health Body. Our mandate was to introduce a comprehensive service wrapper around the incumbent contractors, ensuring the delivery of top-quality work.

Within the existing architecture function, we collaborated closely to craft and execute the technology strategy and end-to-end designs for pivotal projects and programs. This collaboration proved essential, especially as the IT delivery team faced unique challenges when implementing change within the Business as Usual (BAU) organisation. They operated within the confines of stringent government design and procurement principles, demanding meticulous adherence to regulatory requirements.

One of the key technology transformation programs we supported, specifically within the supply chain management capability, had a transformative impact, encompassing a substantial 85% of their technology estate. This project highlighted our commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate complex landscapes while delivering impactful solutions.


Mosaic Island (MI) played a pivotal role in bolstering the client’s capabilities by offering expert enterprise architecture skills and expertise. Our comprehensive approach included meticulous roadmap planning, emphasising transition architectures with a strong integration focus.

We didn’t stop at merely providing support; we added significant value by conducting an in-depth assessment of the architecture function’s maturity. This assessment enabled us to develop a targeted action plan that spanned innovation, tooling, and pattern governance. The overarching objective was to enhance the TOGAF maturity rating and foster broader strategic thinking within the IT organisation.

Our innovative approach spurred a shift in perspective, prompting discussions on how to catalyse innovation at scale. This transformative thinking was instrumental in improving business agility and solidifying MI’s role as a strategic partner in our client’s success journey.


We embarked on a comprehensive initiative to fuel the client’s technology vision, technical strategy, and platform roadmaps with precision. Our efforts included the creation of vital business capability models, reference architectures, and conceptual data models, all harmoniously aligned to provide a cohesive framework.

Our expertise extended across a range of domains, encompassing design for clinical services, plasma supply, blood system integrations, as well as enterprise architecture for transplant and clinical services. This multifaceted approach ensured that critical areas were thoroughly addressed to support the client’s overarching goals.

Furthermore, Mosaic Island (MI) played a pivotal role in shaping blueprints for the core domains integral to project delivery. These domains included CRM, billing, ERP, data, security, and infrastructure, along with product selection. In addition to our core contributions, we brought valuable technology expertise to the table, particularly in networking, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), and Microsoft 365. This holistic support was instrumental in advancing the broader objectives of the IT function, reaffirming MI as a strategic partner in achieving IT excellence.


We initiated and facilitated crucial strategic architecture discussions with senior management, bridging the gap between business and IT teams. This approach fostered a more seamless and collaborative relationship between these two critical facets of the organisation.

By implementing a consistent architecture practice, we not only enhanced the overall architecture but also elevated its prominence within the broader business landscape. This served as a testament to the value architecture brings to the organisation.

A pivotal success story emerged with the creation of a visual artifact that depicted the entire IT landscape at the solution architecture level, effectively illustrating its complexity. This visual tool became instrumental in facilitating clear communication across diverse teams and pinpointing areas of focus.

Mosaic Island (MI) has emerged as a trusted partner, relied upon to continually enhance architecture maturity. This ongoing collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting our client’s long-term success and solidifies our role as a valued and dependable partner.

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