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Supporting Analog-to-Digital Transformation for Established Publisher

Publishing and Media

The world’s largest university press organisation made a strategic choice by selecting Mosaic Island to spearhead their ambitious transformation program, aimed at propelling their business into the digital era. This decision was underpinned by our unrivaled technical expertise and extensive experience in managing intellectual property (IP).

Following the successful inception of this partnership, our client recognised the value of our services and extended their engagement. They sought an Architecture Managed Service (AMS) that spanned multiple portfolio areas, geared towards enhancing overall practice management. Our AMS encompassed critical aspects such as capacity management and delivery quality, bolstered by our specialised technical expertise.

These portfolio areas encompassed a broad spectrum, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Master Data Management (MDM), and the intricate management of intellectual property.

Additionally, our commitment to supporting our client was further demonstrated when they faced gaps within their core permanent enterprise architecture team, particularly in the data domain. Recognising this need, we offered our services on an interim basis, providing crucial support while actively assisting in the permanent recruitment process. This comprehensive approach underscored our dedication to enabling our client’s continued success.


Mosaic Island (MI) played a pivotal role by offering architecture support in defining the Intellectual Property (IP) strategy during the planning phase. This strategic foundation was indispensable in facilitating the transition into the subsequent phases of technology product selection and delivery.

Simultaneously, amid the extensive IT and architecture transformation efforts, significant capability and resourcing gaps emerged within their Corporate, Product, and Technology Architecture portfolios, as well as in Data and Integration Enterprise architecture. Recognising these crucial needs, MI assembled a multifaceted team encompassing various skill groups, including enterprise, data, and solution architecture. This dynamic team was instrumental in expediting the representation and relevance of architecture across the entire business landscape.

In addition to these contributions, our enterprise data architect played a dual role. They ensured the continuous operation of essential day-to-day functions while also conducting a comprehensive maturity assessment of data capabilities within the organisation. This holistic approach further solidified MI’s commitment to enhancing our client’s architectural capabilities and overall success.


During the IP strategy planning phase, we undertook a comprehensive assessment of pivotal design considerations. Our team methodically defined and analysed the business capability model, strategically aligning it with the overarching technology vision and technical strategy. This approach ensured a cohesive and harmonious integration of these critical elements.

In collaboration with our client, our joint team displayed a keen understanding of architecture governance processes, identifying key stakeholders pivotal in delineating the problem scope and potential solutions. This understanding played a pivotal role in facilitating successful engagements within design and governance forums.

Furthermore, our enterprise architect conducted a meticulous maturity assessment of data capabilities spanning the entire organisation. This endeavor resulted in a set of crucial recommendations, particularly in the areas of governance and management. These recommendations formed the cornerstone for the creation of a new data strategy and roadmap, seamlessly supporting both business and technology strategies. To enhance implementation efficiency, the roadmap was thoughtfully supported by discrete work packages, enabling the swift creation of individual projects or their seamless integration into existing program workflows. This strategic approach ensured agility and alignment with our client’s overarching goals.


We initiated the creation of pivotal design artifacts strategically aimed at enhancing cross-team communication. These artifacts comprehensively covered critical domains including business architecture, solution architecture, data architecture, and implementation roadmaps.

Our consistent track record of successfully delivering challenging projects played a transformative role, acting as a catalyst for stakeholders to foster increased collaboration in pursuit of IT success.

The newly developed data strategy and roadmap received unanimous approval from the organisation’s C-level stakeholders. Subsequently, several projects were promptly incorporated into the delivery pipeline. One of these projects, focused on data governance, was expedited and swiftly launched. Recognising our expertise and dedication, MI was entrusted with overseeing this project, serving as an extension of the recently concluded strategy work.

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Length of Engagement
3 years
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Chief Architect
Business Functional Areas
  • Data & Analytics Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Payment & Charging
  • Product Management
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AMS: 13
Consulting Team: 1